I know I missed a couple of days. Was super busy but I didn’t cheat. Until today. Well,kinda but not really. Today all the cravings I haven’t had the last few days hit me like a ton of bricks. I was craving mt dew. I was craving chocolate. I wanted nothing more than to eat all the fried potatoes I cooked for my husband for dinner. I wanted to eat ALL.THE.THINGS.


I didn’t. Well not really. I did eat more today than I have the past few days


I didn’t eat anything not on my diet. Every bite of food I put in my mouth today was food I am allowed to have. It was food that is on the green list of the banting diet and I know I might weigh  a little bit more since I ate more today. But I am so proud of myself for not giving in. For not eating ALL.THE.THINGS. I stayed on diet. I ate only what I’m suppose to eat.

And considering there’s no limit on the green list, technically I didn’t even cheat. But I know eating half a can of nuts isn’t the best idea because they can slow weight loss.

BUT… (I seem to have  alot of these today)

I am not going to be angry with myself. I am not going to beat myself up over this. I still have lost nearly 10 lbs in the last FIVE days. That’s 2 lbs a day. It is crazy to think I can keep that amount of weight loss up for much longer. I KNOW losing a pound or maybe 2 at the most per WEEK is usually what you aim for. I know this. I will not beat myself. I will not sabotage myself because I ate a few more nuts today than I normally do.

It’s perfectly ok because I didn’t eat the chocolate. I didn’t eat the potatoes. I didn’t have that mt dew. I drank water instead. WATER, do you even understand how amazed I am at myself right now? I didn’t drink mt dew. That has never happened before. NEVER. So I’m still pretty excited. I know I need to start exercising because I have lost weight doing absolutely nothing except change my diet.

And I am so proud of myself.