Today was the second day of being on the banting diet and I have to say I’m already seriously impressed with the results. I have already lost some weight. Though I’m sure it’s water weight but still I’ll take whatever I can get. And I do not feel hungry even a little bit. I am battling some psychological hunger, cravings, but I just drank water instead until I felt super full and then pissed about a million times.

I have IBS and have had no symptoms since Sunday. I very rarely go half a day without some symptom appearing. I’ve had no stomach pain, bloating, gas, or constipation since I started this diet. I even managed to not eat pizza today that I cooked for my husband. I really want this to be successful. I am so tired of being sick and tired. I want to be active. I want to be able to run and do things I use to do. I know this might be a slow process but I’m willing to stick it out. Especially since I’m already seeing such positive changes in my self.