It’s official! I’ve been on the banting diet for one whole week. These are my thoughts, results, and just general plans for the future.

I can’t believe how much has changed in me in just a week. I’ve lost 12 lbs. My feet and legs are no longer swollen. I haven’t taken a single pill for arthritis pain in the last six days. I normally eat them like M&M’s. I’m starting to CRAVE water. In my switch from going cold turkey on the no soda thing, I decided to drink flavored water. Now even flavored water doesn’t quench my thirst. I just want plain cold water. Nothing fancy or foofoo, just plan water from the tap and I’m good to go.

I also started my period. Normally I crave food. I’m a bottomless pit during my period. Nothing makes me full. I have horrible cramps. I feel like an alien is trying to crawl out of me. I’m tired, all I do is want to sleep and this time. None of that. No cramps. No fatigue. No irritability, yea I forgot to mention I become a bitch from hell for that week too. But this time. Nope.

I’m starting to feel like I”m not even on a diet. Like this is my life. This is how I’m going to eat from now on. Granted if I were to lose all the ¬†weight I wanted I might add in a few things here and there but I can definitely see myself doing this long term. I’m starting to think about new recipes, new ways to eat, new ways to enjoy food. And I’m kinda starting to like myself.

I even went for a run today. I started back on my C25K app. I was not fast by any means. But I completed day one. I do plan to take it slow. I have bad knees even if they don’t hurt any more there’s no changing the fact that I have torn both my ACL and meniscus. Even though I feel like I could run a marathon, I know I need to take it slow.

I really wanted to post daily but I work two jobs. I have a husband so it seems like daily postings are out. I do plan to do at least a weekly overview. and then any more than that is just a bonus.

If you’re having trouble losing weight, I highly recommend researching the banting diet. It’s not a fad. It’s ¬†not a juice diet or other wackyness. I eat real food. Absolute real food. And I’m starting to really enjoy it.