Tomorrow my husband will be catching a flight back home. He’s going to be visiting his family for one month. He’s been stateside for a year now. And he’s super excited about seeing his family and being “home” again. I’m as per usual stressed out of my skull. To the point I now have HIVES. HIVES!! I hate my body. For so many reasons. Hives is right up there at the top of the reason list. Any time I get super anxious or stressed, my body decides that is the perfect time to prank me; by making me look like some science experiment gone wrong.

To say that I’m anxious about his trip would be the understatment of the century. I’ve almost convinced myself that he won’t come back. That he’ll stay “over there”. Even though the rational brain cells are certain he will come back; the irrational section is ┬ámuch louder.

For now I’m trying to breathe. Take one moment at a time and hopefully not eat so much I’ll need a fork lift to get out my door.