10:00 am


Originally when I set this up yesterday i thought I’d keep a food and exercise log here. But I know myself. If I have to post things in too many places, I’ll get overwhelmed. And then stop. Everything. I wear a fitbit so that automatically logs my exercise. I also enter my food into my fitbit diary so they are logged. Just not here. And I’m ok with that. I have to be because if I overwhelm myself. If I set obstacles in my own way, then I’m just going to fail. And failure is not an option. Not this time. .

I may share food, recipes, and other things. I may not. I don’t really know. All I know is I need to write. Writing is my outlet. Writing keeps me on track. Writing keeps me from failing. The more I write the better chance I have of succeeding this time. Of finally not only getting the weight off, but keeping it off.

12:45 pm


Just finished a Jillian Michaels kettleball work out. It was 30 mins long and I actually did the entire video start to finish. My entire body is already aching but that’s a good thing. It means I did it right. Though I had to follow the beginner version and use a dumbbell instead of the kettlebell. But I did it. That’s all that matters. I plan on doing videos every other day that include weights. If I’m going to get back into running I must strength train. I must be consistent. I can no longer allow myself to make excuses. I must find time. I must put myself first. And I must not be hard on myself for being a little selfish and focusing on me. I’m worth it. I deserve it.