Yesterday my husband boarded a plane. He’s going back overseas to visit his family and for Muharram. The flight is nearly 36 hrs with 2 stop overs. I spend the entire time continuously checking my phone to see if he’s msged or anything. Sleep is just non existant as I wait. Then finally I get the call. The call that says “I’m here. Tired but safe.” Then I can finally exhale.

It doesn’t help when you’re batshit insane and are unable to get in touch with a loved one. The whole time all I can think is the plane has crashed. He missed his flight. He’s lost somewhere in the netherverse of the airport. There is no telling what weird thoughts run through my mind.

So for now he’s safe. I don’t know when/if I’ll be able to speak to him again. But at least I know where he is. And he’s no longer floating in the inbetween.