Since I haven’t really talked much about what I’m eating, I thought I might do a post on that. I’ve always said I have a “dog food” diet. Meaning I pretty much eat the same few things every day. ¬†And on this diet that’s not really changed much.

For breakfast every day I have scrambled eggs with cheese and mushrooms. Sometimes I throw in peppers if I happen to have some on hand. But for the most part it’s eggs and mushrooms. Some days this is the only actual meal I eat. The rest of the day I might snack on cheese, nuts, or boiled eggs. Though I’ve currently cut out nuts since my weight loss has pretty much stalled over the last four days.

On my days off, I usually have an actual dinner especially if my husband is off work. Then I’ll make something both of us can eat. Today that happens to be fried chicken livers with a side salad. He’ll have naan bread with his while I won’t. They were fried in butter because I’m too cheap to spend $8 for a tiny bottle of olive oil or coconut oil.

If he is working at night and I’m home alone, then I fry up some tuna burgers. I use canned tuna and mix it with an egg and Parmesan cheese instead of bread crumbs. I also mix in spices to give it a bit more flavor. I fry them in butter. Then I use lettuce to wrap them up instead of using bread.

As you can see I don’t really eat much veggies and I know I need to change this. I did buy some fresh tomatoes and cucumbers to have more salads with. I just generally don’t like cooked veggies. Or raw ones for that matter. I’ve looked up several vegetarian lasagna recipes and I plan on making one of those some time this week. I figure if I make up a big pan of it then I could eat off of it for several days and get my veggies in that way. I’m also considering doing a vegetable soup as well. It’s not even been a month since I started and I’m still learning the do’s and don’ts. While I might not have lost weight in the last 4 days I am still down 15 lbs in just slightly more than 3 weeks. So it’s not bad. I know I need to be more consistent in my workouts and in getting more veggies in. These are my goals for next week.